We listen to a podcast by Phil and he was talking about the pending Gold and Silver bubble hitting the main stream. He confirmed what we are on the cuff of change, and he has been talking about President Trump making the big announcement soon and now we are getting closer every day.

We have to bear in mind that as soon as he makes that announcement, he will call a new election within 120 days, the whole USA Inc. government will step down. By then we will have had the primaries in all states and those that have won their places will form the new government. There will no longer be party politics, but a government that will serve the best interests of the people.

3 thoughts on “US Joins BRICS”

  1. Subnet avatar The Surfer says:

    Phil G said on his live show that Donald Trump enrolled the United States in the BRICS today.

    Jentel said last week that a document would be signed on Wednesday (I thought it was last Wednesday, but it was pretty close).
    This document was important to proceed with the monetary side of the RV.

    Phil said it was signed at 8 or 9 am Eastern Time. I did Real News Live this morning at 10am Pacific Time and was asked if the document had been signed. I received a yes.

    I’m calling a Jentel to confirm.


  2. Subnet avatar The Surfer says:

    We are this close to the end:
    The final scene

  3. Subnet avatar The Surfer says:

    Todays USD or USN value spikes today, backed by Gold.US is officially gold backed. Phil showed the graph of the us dollar at close today and it skyrocketed because they are backed by gold as of today 10 April 2024.