Truth about Stargates

There were many stargates and portals across the earth.

The ancient civilizations did not need to use cars, and didn’t need to destroy the nature in order to pave the way for the roads. They mostly used electro magnetic levitation vehicles, and Stargates to travel between the cities. Every larger city possessed one.

This is why archeology and history has no idea how all these ancient cities were built on top of the mountains, as there were no roads found, with huge megalithic structures that are impossible to carry up the mountains even by todays standards, using the cranes and helicopters, due to the weight and how steep the mountains are.

Stargates have been found all over the world, and many of these were located in the middle east as well. In the regions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Egypt, and other countries that US invaded in the past.
Source: #awakenedspecies

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