The new year brings a new opportunity for your organization to assess its security posture. Are there areas for potential improvement? To find out, consult the Qualys Top 10 Tips for a Secure & Compliant 2017 Checklist, which includes some helpful questions to guide your efforts.

To recap, their tips for a secure and compliant new year are:

Coming Soon

Coming Soon to Windows 10

Windows introduces the next wave of innovation with the Windows 10 Creators Update, giving you new creativity and gaming experiences built around the people who matter most. Do amazing things in 3D and virtual reality, quickly connect and share with your key people, and enjoy epic gaming with 4K fidelity and game broadcasting.

Key Features:

  • Paint 3D – With 3D in Windows 10, anyone can capture, create, view, and share in a whole new dimension.
  • Mixed Reality – Experience amazing mixed reality with Windows 10 and a compatible headset.
  • MyPeople – Streamline interactions with your friends and family with this new social feature that will integrate SMS, Skype, Xbox Live, and other services.
  • Gaming – Experience the best platform for game broadcasting and 4K gaming with Xbox Live and Windows 10 Creators Update.

More features are coming soon only available on Windows 10, so watch this space.