Trump the Man

God save your people

A glorious 8 min and 20 second speech on Trump’s virtues and his particular importance at this moment in history. In spite of his faults, an honest assessment reveals that Trump is BY FAR the most popular President in our lifetime and the most important person on Earth. RFK Jr. understands corporate corruption and the quackccine issue, yet has nowhere near the popular appeal that Trump has. In a perfect world RFK should be Trumps AG. Nobody in America can fill an arena with 100,000 people as Trump did today —he’s a one of a kind and we have to pray that he is guided by the Hand of God to do the right thing and save America and the world from a socialist-fascist satanic catastrophe

War Time President

What is a war time president? What have they done to be at war? These are questions that people are asking. This short video has been compiled with many clips from President Trump’s speeches, his rallies and from many other people that explains, what is really going on. He is the Commander in Chief (CIC) of the US military, in actual fact he is the CIC of not only America but also Russia, England, the EU, China, India, Saudi Arabia and so many more countries. He is the CIC of the World’s military and together they are draining the swamp.

The Trump Legend

This message is for YOU!!!????
Please listen twice and hear these words for President Trump and then directed towards you!
You have no idea how much you are needed by God and by the Trump Team!!!????
God Bless you all for being the most incredible WARRIORS on the planet!!!❤️


What we do know is that Tuesday 16th is a Supreme court decision day and they also posted for a second decision day for Wednesday 17th, now what could they be revealing on those two days, and why would Trump have eluded to the Tuesday, we have to remember that his court case starts on Monday and he asked 1 million patriots to show their support. Will they arrive or not we will have to wait till Monday to see how that follows through.


We listen to a podcast by Phil and he was talking about the pending Gold and Silver bubble hitting the main stream. He confirmed what we are on the cuff of change, and he has been talking about President Trump making the big announcement soon and now we are getting closer every day.

We have to bear in mind that as soon as he makes that announcement, he will call a new election within 120 days, the whole USA Inc. government will step down. By then we will have had the primaries in all states and those that have won their places will form the new government. There will no longer be party politics, but a government that will serve the best interests of the people.