Project Looking Glass

Good News Ahead

Choices that we have will make a difference to our future. Or will they? The government has been working with Project looking glass and the found that after 2012 something big was going to happen future and no matter what was changed, the outcome was always heading in the same outcome. It is the end of the game for the Elites that have had a control over We the People. People have free will and as more people wake up a event will happen and they have no control over what happens. We have to stay positive as the elites want you all to panic as this is the only way to prevent to happen. It is the end of the world, for them and we have to stay positive as we move into the Golden Age.

The Game has been won! Have no fear, they are making all of the mistakes and it is “GAME OVER”.

As people wake up, and see the evil that has controlled this beautiful world and we the people, the combined will of the people will prevail and it will happen as we believe. An end to all evil and a loving world where people help each other to succeed and grow.

Quantum Leap

You have to listen to this portion of his speech very carefully so that you can take it all in. You may have to listen to it a few times, especially if you are not familiar with what is going on.

CIC DJ Trump made a speech about how under his leadership they would once again make America great again by making land available for developing new cities, new manufacturing facilities and developing vertical takeoff vehicles for citizens creating a new world of super successful and rich people (you and me included).

He talks about a Quantum Leap into the new world of greatness and prosperity.

He talks about a Quantum Leap into the new world of greatness and prosperity.