GB News Spews the Truth

GB News hits a home run with what is going on in the US and how Trump is handling the British and the media. They talk about the now bankrupt USA Inc, and the 650 plane loads of Gold removed from the Vatican, and last but not least the 2020 election fraud and that the Military has it all and this will soon be revealed even more in a public domain.

Big Call 5-30

Here is the latest intel from Bruce’s Big Call from 30th May 2023. He explains some of the delays and says that we are still on track for this week. We are Praying that this is indeed #True. We should get notified on Thursday for immediate redemption on either Thursday and or Friday. It seems that the ISO20023 and the BASEL4 being in the final stage will force a lot of banks into liquidation as we move into the QFS (Quantum Financial System) that will use the Asset backed digital currency. Those who are invested in Currencies will be going to the redemption center to exchange.