Dr Charles Morgan

2018 presentation from Dr. Charles Morgan, subject matter expert in the selection and assessment of US Military Special Operations and Special Mission Units.

He discusses “human drones,” and transferring brain activity from one human to another. He advises this technology was “available now” at the time of the presentation.

He equates this technology to nuclear weapons in terms of their effectiveness in war, describing how it is possible to program the human DNA to do anything they want it to do, and discusses the delivery mechanism being through injections.

X-Files They knew

Watch this and have your mind blown.

They knew it did this 20 years ago. Whoever wrote the script for this episode of X-Files has to be a time traveler or a senior deep state operative who revealed their entire plan. Telling people is their way of escaping the Karma syndrome.

This plan was thought out decades ago, how did they know or was somebody trying to warn the people. The problem was that it showed so much long before people could even comprehend this type of behaviour.