There is such a hype about the world governments banning a simple and common drug that is cheep and used to deworm our pets, however Ivermectin was originally used to remove parasites from our (human) bodies and was one of the main cures for or treatment of Malaria in the East African countries, it is something that we had to take while working in the Comoros Islands as skipper and hostess on a charter yacht.

When the dreaded covid arrived from wherever, the talk about Ivermectin was totally discouraged and the product was removed off the shelves for the humans, but was left available through a vet for animals. Here is what a doctor has to say about this cheap and approved drug, claimed to be a “Super Drug”.

The Big Scam

Breaking: Canadian doctor testifies under oath of the atrocities being caused or created from the VAX generation. It seems that the VAX is working the total opposite to what the Big Pharma are claiming. More Vax’s you get the worse you get or the higher your chances of death. I do believe that You’ll be hearing more about this very soon.