Just another conspiracy

Fact or fiction, in todays world it is hard to tell the difference. Every day there is a new conspiracy theory being brewed, until you d the research and find the “Conspiracy no more”. For people like you and me we have to test everything, but facts remain facts and the chance of finding a real conspiracy is getting harder by the week.

Just listening to this guy, should change your outlook on life. If you were in a business to make money, would you not do the same? I am sure you would, and this is for every large business that we have allowed to ruin the lives of our family and friends.

Ukraine the Final Piece

Iran = Obama sends $150 billion in cash to Iran before leaving office in 2016.
John Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian national.

Ukraine = Hunter Biden/Joe Biden dealings & corruption, stealing millions from American tax payers to funnel money to Ukraine.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul sits on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.
Romney’s son does too.
John Kerry’s son.
Biden’s son.

Now you know why we’re “helping” Ukraine & why Pelosi is still here.
Having fun yet?

The tentacles of Ukraine corruption capture Cofer Black of Bush’s 9/11 cabinet, Obama, Biden, Soros, Schiff, Pelosi, Bolton, John Kerry, Romney, & the Clintons.