Who is 45

We have to know that DJT never needed to run as president. He had it all. He was a billionaire, by how much nobody ever knew. Had a family and a life of riley.

He was well know on the media, a television running his own show, dealing with people at all levels and buying , upgrading and selling properties.

But somewhere along the line there was more to this man than meets the eye. When he was the keynote speaker at one of our conferences he gave us his testimony and at the end he was asked when will you run for president of the USA. His response was when they need me. What a strange way to answer, but today it all makes so much sense. His TV career on top of his construction business was just to promote him to a point where hi popularity could and would help cement his election. Going from rank outsider the White hats pulled some strings to ensure his success. Having been a Democrat most of his life and having donated to their cause must have been hard to swing into the Republican side.

He was asked to run, he knew what was coming and he knew where it would end.