Lawyer Lashes out

Not surprising to hear that the judicial system in New York is as corrupt as it is in Georgia.

I believe the entire legal system in the United States is corrupt. Communism has taken root and Communists hate America, freedom, President Trump, me, and We the People. Communists are godless. They hate Jesus Christ. Guess who is going to win in the end? Not the Communists, Not the godless, Not the ruling elite, But GOD himself.

Communists use not only psychological operations for their destruction of America, but also Lawfare waged against anyone who is brave enough to stand up against the tyrants.

Lawfare is another type of warfare intended to stop or slow down anyone getting in the way of the evil agenda at play. Communism.

Communists have weaseled their way into every part of society.

How do we rid this country of the communists…???

We must speak Truth, pray, and resist the evil.

God has already won, but we still need to Fightback.