Genome editing

Stew Peters and Dr Ariyana Love talk about how people are being genetically modified, just by having had the PCR test.

Dr. Ariyana Love – The PCRs deployed for COVlD are not tests, but a technology for human cloning. “They are changing the human species”

You will have to listen to this yourself to get the full gist of it. Barbi and I have been talking about this for a long time and we know that the DS have to tell you what they are doing or they going against Gods principles and then they are in trouble. Our God has given us free will and if we see films that we do not understand or think and believe that they are not possible then we surrender our God given right to all good things. If you do some research and look for cloning in movies you will see that there are hundreds of films that have cloning technologies, and more than half have things that go wrong with the cloning technologies and many people suffer.

Many people have watched the X-Men films and have no idea why these people existed or where they came from. The X-Men are a genetically modified humans that have revolted against being used by the DS and are fighting the established DS operations. The normies are scared of them and want them locked up and all they want to do is live in peace. However many of the mutants as they are called cannot and will not allow the bad guys to get away with what they have done.

Next time you watch one of these films watch it with an open mind and see what you can gleam from them. Little bits come out with every new movie.

And these are not all of the films that tell you what their agenda is. Dig, dig and keep digging. The Truth is out there.