Feisty and Friends Channel

On Jan 7/8 2021, a video was released by a Judge in Italy reading a General Affidavit from Alfio D-Urso about his role in the 2020 election steal.

It details exactly how the foreign operation to steal the 2020 election was done using satellite communications from Leonardo (the Vatican Observatory). Ask yourself, how did that info come to the surface so fast? ? Fast forward and we find that the election was stolen using cell phones connected to the FirstNet System, a system established after 9/11 to ensure communications by and between First Responders. The contract was awarded to AT&T, was stress tested by Ericsson (indicted in Mar for breaking the 2019 Non-Prosecution Agreement) and managed by the Department of Commerce. So, to complete the story, “We Have it All” right down to the MAC addresses… enjoy, a much brighter future is just beginning to dawn.