DNA Music

The ancient structures are designed after our DNA to make the frequency heal us and resonate with our body ?

Forwarded from Flat Earth and More (Wild Beast)

So if this is correct, then most of the old Church buildings were not built by the people we know, but long before our current reality or understanding of history. It also means that we have been lied to about the history and it truly is His-Story and not the truth of what or how it actually happened.

We may have to re-evaluate where in history we are and what is controlling it, and possibly where we are heading.

Being lied to is not a comforting feeling, and it reminds me so much of what the Q movement is telling us, You have been lied to in every aspect of our lives. To make this work they had to infiltrate Governments, News Medis and the Medical industry. I suspect this to be a fact and I have to include the religious establishment in this assessment.

Just this morning I was watching Trey Smith exposing so many of the TV Churches and how they rob the poor to their own benefit. Most of these churches have joined the Evil pope with a one world church that includes satanism as a religion.

God is our only hope in these Dark times, and we have to Trust His Plan for our Salvation. President Trump did say that the best is yet to come, and [N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming!