Bruces Big Call

Bruce’s Big Call replay today May 21 2024, where are we now, as close as we have ever been


Meeting last night with 64 people in RENO. They were told by a Leader to get to meeting and decide when RV emails are coming. ( TIER 4 A&B). Decision was made for Today/Tonight or WED. They reached a decision that this could go at ANYTIME FROM 3pm-9pm tomorrow, WED. Other Intel release is saying Later TONIGHT. ( we may wake up to them tomorrow was just said)


JUST IN ???? Apple is alerting users to a new instance of an identified mercenary spyware attack on the iPhone. Possible victims have been sent an email from Apple describing how the attack could “remotely compromise the iPhone”. Victims are being notified in India and 91 additional countries. (Reuters)

Gold Sales

????WOW‼️Costco Selling As Much As $200 Million In Gold Bars Monthly, Wells Fargo Estimates

Gold has turned into money for Costco, where yellow metal sales begun last year have turned into a cash cow for the big-box retailer.

In fact, sales are so brisk that analysts at Wells Fargo expect revenue “may now be running at” $100 million to $200 million a month, a rapid acceleration since bullion hit the warehouse club late in the summer of 2023.

Costco is selling 1-ounce bars made of nearly pure 24-karat gold. While the price is not disclosed online to non-members, it’s estimated that the product generally sells for about 2% above the spot price, which as of Tuesday morning was around $2,357 an ounce. That would put the price at Costco just more than $2,400.

JFK Senior

Aliens Here

So what are your thoughts around Aliens? Do they exist, have they visited Earth yet and how much more do we need to find out about them to prove that we are not alone. Where has all of our new technological information come from, Manipulating the Weather with HAARP, [D]irect [E]nergy [W]eapons for creating earthquakes, incinerating homes and cars and so much more scary stuff.