Do Not talk to the Police

The Right to Remain Silent: A New Answer to an Old Question

James J. Duane

Regent University – School of Law

Date Written: February 2, 2012


When a witness is summoned to testify before a grand jury or at a judicial or legislative proceeding, the lawyer for the witness frequently concludes that it may be in the client’s best interest to assert the Fifth Amendment “right to remain silent,” at least with respect to certain topics. The lawyer will often give the witness a card to read aloud when asserting that privilege. But precisely what words should the lawyer advise the client to read when invoking the Fifth Amendment privilege?

For more than 100 years, lawyers have shown surprisingly little imagination or ingenuity, advising their clients to state in almost exactly these words: “On the advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds that it may tend to incriminate me.”

This article explains why that unfortunate language is never in the best interests of the witness, and why it naturally tends to sound to most listeners as if the witness is somehow admitting that he cannot tell the truth without confessing that he is guilty of some crime. The article also points out that this archaic invocation is not required by either the language or the theory of the Fifth Amendment, nor by the most recent controlling Supreme Court precedents. The article concludes with a suggestion for an entirely new formulation for invoking the privilege, one which gives greater protection to the rights of the witness and also more faithfully captures what the Supreme Court of the United States has written about the nature of this precious constitutional privilege.

Keywords: Fifth Amendment, self-incrimination, right to remain silent

JEL Classification: K10, K14, K00, K19, K20, K39, K40, K42, K49, Z00, I00

Suggested Citation:

Duane, James, The Right to Remain Silent: A New Answer to an Old Question (February 2, 2012). Criminal Justice, Vol. 25, No. 2, 2010, Available at SSRN:

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FTX Founder

????Lawyers for FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried filed a notice of appeal of his federal fraud and conspiracy conviction and his 25-year prison sentence.

????Bankman-Fried’s appeal came two weeks after he was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Manhattan and ordered to pay $11 billion in forfeiture for the massive fraud at the cryptocurrency exchange and a related hedge fund, Alameda Research.

????The appeal, which was expected, will be heard by the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, which sits in Manhattan.

????If he loses his appeal, Bankman-Fried would have to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to take the case, and who knows where that will lead it. Making deals and getting a huge whistle to blow.


Prominent American cryptocurrency exchange Uphold has officially confirmed that the U.S. Federal Reserve’s instant payment system, FedNow, facilitates instant XRP transactions to select U.S. bank accounts. This confirmation follows recent reports indicating FedNow’s involvement in processing XRP deposit transactions. Initially met with skepticism from the broader community, Uphold’s confirmation has laid doubts to rest.

Quantum Research

Fascinating quantum research and the creation of a Swedish quantum computer

Jan 22, 2024

How does it all work – in depth – nature; the atoms, our cells, and our diseases? To understand these, requires simulations which are unthinkable even for today’s supercomputers; but which are within reach when one succeeds in creating a sufficiently powerful quantum computer. Quantum physics may unlock many new applications in everything from encryption to healthcare. This quantum computer is part of the 100 million-plus-dollar project WACQT – Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology. The research is underway now at several universities in Sweden and is led by Per Delsing at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Where the computer itself is built. Chalmers is responsible for quantum computing and quantum simulation. KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) is responsible for quantum communication, and Lund University for development of quantum sensing. At Chalmers, there is also a testbed, a copy of the current quantum computer, where researchers from academia as well as industry can learn to solve problems using quantum technology, while the work with the original quantum computer to add additional qubits is ongoing.

What is Quantum

Apr 14, 2022 #worldquantumday

This video celebrates #worldquantumday 2022 by introducing quantum science and its impact on society. It also features the voices and stories of many scientists and educators contributing to the future of quantum information science and technology. Created by the National Q-12 Education Partnership, supported by the National Science Foundation. Happy World Quantum Day! Curious about the labs and science depicted in this video? Here are some of the sources and organizations that shared clips for use in this project (Thank you!):

Truth about Stargates

There were many stargates and portals across the earth.

The ancient civilizations did not need to use cars, and didn’t need to destroy the nature in order to pave the way for the roads. They mostly used electro magnetic levitation vehicles, and Stargates to travel between the cities. Every larger city possessed one.

This is why archeology and history has no idea how all these ancient cities were built on top of the mountains, as there were no roads found, with huge megalithic structures that are impossible to carry up the mountains even by todays standards, using the cranes and helicopters, due to the weight and how steep the mountains are.

Stargates have been found all over the world, and many of these were located in the middle east as well. In the regions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Egypt, and other countries that US invaded in the past.
Source: #awakenedspecies

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One consolation is that “Evil Always Contains The Seeds of Its Own Destruction“. It now owns the world, and all that is within it.