What we do know is that Tuesday 16th is a Supreme court decision day and they also posted for a second decision day for Wednesday 17th, now what could they be revealing on those two days, and why would Trump have eluded to the Tuesday, we have to remember that his court case starts on Monday and he asked 1 million patriots to show their support. Will they arrive or not we will have to wait till Monday to see how that follows through.


One consolation is that “Evil Always Contains The Seeds of Its Own Destruction“. It now owns the world, and all that is within it.

Who Created Bitcoin?

The question has always been, who actually created Bitcoin? Was it really Satoshi Nakamoto, we have seen posts and I have actually looked up in the Japanese translation that showed that name relates to a department of security, now we see a short clip of a video that confirms that the crypto algorithm that is used by Bitcoin was developed in the NSA and they patented a way to create a digital currency, I post you decide. This is being used as a weapon to ensnare people and use it as a money laundering scheme, a huge Ponzi scheme where only a fey can win.

I remember a few years ago many people boycotted the annual security conference in Vegas because many hackers found out that the SHA-256 crypto algorithm was developed by NASA and had a back door so that the NSA could un encrypt any message. It was also mentioned that many companies, like Microsoft, Apple and so many more knew all about the back door.