War Time President

What is a war time president? What have they done to be at war? These are questions that people are asking. This short video has been compiled with many clips from President Trump’s speeches, his rallies and from many other people that explains, what is really going on. He is the Commander in Chief (CIC) of the US military, in actual fact he is the CIC of not only America but also Russia, England, the EU, China, India, Saudi Arabia and so many more countries. He is the CIC of the World’s military and together they are draining the swamp.

Biden Crime family


The Israel of the Bible and the current State of Israel are not the same entity in current times, if what we see on in the short video clip has any credibility or truth they are definitely a den of vipers that are here to destroy not only God’s creation but also all of his children, Take care, watch your back and question everything. I may be wrong, but then this may be Right to. The decision to accept is yours and yours only.

Gen of Vipers